It’s a real thing!  I am starting this post on Friday, May 17th  sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called back for a sonogram.  

This is a follow up from a sonogram I had back in December where they saw a fatty necrosis and they wanted to look at it again. 

My doctors have said they feel like it is all ok…so I have been telling myself that since December. I tell myself, if the radiologist had been concerned he would have biopsied the spot just like he did a little over two years ago. 

I also remind myself of the scripture God gave me back in April of 2017.  “For nothing is impossible with God”.  Luke 1:37 (old NIV)

He healed my body then and He has not changed. He is still the same and I have to believe that He will continue to heal me. Unfortunately,  some days that is easier said than done. 

That brings us back to scanxiety…I googled it one day…there are lots of things online about it.

I found a quote when I was looking up scanxiety. I had never thought about it this way, but I think this is true too.

“There is a difference between general anxiety and scanxiety. Scanxiety is not about what might happen, it’s about what did happen. It’s not so much about worrying. It’s about remembering.” Author unknown

Maybe the further down the road I get in this journey it will become easier…I don’t know…I think I will always worry a little until I get the results back.

My sonogram was good!  The fatty necrosis was stable!!  The sonographer reminded me yet again, with my history, they are not going to let me walk around with something they think is questionable. I am pretty sure I have a doctor that reminds me of that too😊.  I am so thankful for doctors that invest in their patients…even crazy ones like me😊.

Thanks to FB,  I was reminded that today (which I love to go back and see the memories) two years ago I went in for a sonogram praying that the tumor had shrunk from the first three rounds of AC I had already had!  It had shrunk, a lot!  

Here is the link for the post about the sonogram 2 years ago.


For nothing is impossible with God.  Luke 1:37 (old NIV)


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