A Three Month Follow Up!

Today I went in for a 3 month visit with my surgical oncologist. 

You may remember she is the first doctor I saw on the day I was diagnosed. I actually saw her just hours after I received the life changing phone call. 

Today was just a follow up appointment, like the ones I’ve been going to…where she checks me and we talk for a few minutes and then I leave…or so I thought it was!

Today was all of the above except for I was moved to every SIX months.

I received the paperwork “Preparing For Survivorship”. 

I cried..

As soon as the nurse told me Dr. G was going to be discussing all that with me today the tears started…I told her I didn’t know why I was crying…she said something like it’s a big day and gave me tissues!  

side note: I am so thankful for sweet nurses and doctors!!

I didn’t know if I should be happy or sad I would be seeing her every six months rather than every three.

I can see the positive/happy side of that, I do not have a reason to have to be seen every 3 months by her, She is comfortable seeing me every 6 months…but I think it  makes me a little calmer thinking I am being checked every 3 months…I will still be seeing my medical oncologist too and she has already moved me to every six months.

SURVIVORSHIP is a big word!  I do not mean it has lots of letters, it does have 12 letters but it has such a bigger meaning! I never thought that word would make me as emotional as it did today!  

She was right…it was a big day!  

17 1/2 months ago, this day seemed so far away!


I asked her today was my surgery day the day I consider as the anniversary date and she told me she counts it from the date of diagnosis!!  

Because I like to celebrate: 

  • I will celebrate April 5th, the date of diagnosis, 
  • I will celebrate September 5th, last day of chemo
  • I will celebrate October 11th, the day of my double mastectomy.  The pathology from this surgery told us the cancer was GONE!

Y’all, I am a 17 1/2 month survivor!!!

Thank you all for your prayers through this journey and your continued prayers that cancer never shows up again!!


Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God. (old NIV)

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