Did you ever think chemo and teeth were not friends…

Y’all….have I mentioned chemo and the effects it has on your teeth?

Have I mentioned how much I do not like having to go to the dentist??

I have mentioned at my dentist office several times that I prayed that the chemo would fix anything wrong with my teeth….not do what it is known to possibly do and damage my teeth…

I have told my ob/gyn before that I would much rather come see her than have to go to the dentist!

I am pretty sure she said she has patients that tell her just the opposite of that too.

I can’t imagine…

Don’t get me wrong, I like my dentist. I like his staff. They are all very nice.

I wish I could just drop by to see them and say hi, and maybe drop off some cookies or donuts.

Remember last week, I had two teeth, they are side by side, and they both needed a crown.

So that was two crowns for me last week…my mouth is like royalty with all the crowns I have now.

And sadly, there are two more to come.

But today, I am calling to see if they can fit me in and check my teeth. Hopefully, I am just being a big baby and nothing is wrong…but I’m having a little pain.

I would love your prayers that I can get in quickly and it is just normal pain from the work I had done, or maybe something with the bite that is an easy fix…I just don’t want to hear Dr. L say the words…root canal.

I hope you all have a great Monday!!


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