ER Visits….

A week ago today,  Saturday, March 10th, I was not feeling that great.  E had her second soccer game and I was going to try and go just to get out of the house.  It had been one week since I had come home from the hospital and the only time I had been out was for a follow up visit with my plastic surgeon.  E had a soccer game the Tuesday after my surgery but after I had talked to Dr. A, she confirmed my thoughts that it was a little early to try to do that.  I had big plans for Saturday though. I was going to have Keith drop E and I off right at the field she was going to play on, E would carry my chair so that I could sit down as soon as we got to the sidelines of the field and then I could watch her game!

Saturday morning I woke up and just was not feeling that great!  I decided to stay home and rest rather than going to the game.  Keith and E went to the game and grocery store and then came home.  Keith grilled my favorite for me that night, salmon:).  I ate but I was still not feeling great that evening….I had a pain in my back on the right side that went up into my shoulder when I would try and get a deep breath.  I just didn’t feel like I was breathing good at times either.  To be honest, I felt like I was going to die between the breathing and pain.

Dr. A was on vacation and I was trying to do my best not to bother her…I told Keith I thought I maybe should go to the ER, so I called the on call doctor and talked to her and she told me to go on to the ER and lets get it checked.  The three of us headed to the ER on a Saturday night!

Of course, I was thinking do I really need to go??  When I got there, I told Keith for them to stay in the car and I would text them when I was in a room. It was Saturday night and I was expecting it to be super busy!  I walked in and no one was in the waiting area, I was like, YES!  Let me add here, if you have not yet figured out from prior post, I am one of the biggest germaphobes you will ever meet…so the ER is not on the top of my list of places to hang out:).

They took me on back to triage, and as soon as they checked my oxygen level the nurse told me it was a good thing I had come in because it was on the low end of normal.  That made me feel better that I had gone.  They did blood work and a chest x-ray. The nurse told me to tell Keith and E they could come hang out with me in the room I was in.  So they came in, E with her iPad and Keith with his computer and they sat in the room. The doctor told me that the blood work would tell him if he needed to check for a blood clot.  He came back in and said some blood work had come back high so I would need a CT.

After a CT I had back in November, I started itching and had little bumps pop up.  Now, I have to prep for a CT for a reaction to contrast. Normally this is a 13 hour process.  The radiologist and doctor talked about it, and they gave me all the meds through the IV and were ready if I had any type of reaction during the scan.  Thankfully, there was no reactions!  The benadryl  and steroids did what it was suppose to do.  I was sleepy though as soon as the benadryl was in my IV.

They came back and said there was some lung shrinkage, and the paperwork described as a partially collapsed lung. I was thankful there was no blood clot!  They sent me home with the little breathing thing that I did not like to do at either of my surgeries but told me I needed to do that.  We headed home…it was late.  I walked straight to my bed I think and was asleep.  Remember, I had a big dose of benadryl.

Sunday, I just hung out at home.  Sunday night my shoulder started hurting again but it was finally feeling better before I went to bed.  Monday, I woke up and my back was hurting again.  Before Keith got home from work I had already talked to the on call doctor and called Keith on his way home and told him we were headed back to the ER.

Again, I was thinking, do I really need to go….but if it was a blood clot I would need to know that and the pain was really bad.  He got home, the three of us got in the car and off we went again. I was thinking, ok, if it was not that busy on Saturday night, surely Monday night will not be bad, right?  Keith dropped me off at the door, and again, I told him for them to stay in the car and I would text them. I walked in the ER doors and looked and there were so many people in the waiting room.  I walked up to the desk to check in.  As I was checking in I told them I was there on Saturday night and added, there was not this many people here.  They told me Monday’s and Friday’s are the busiest…they took me back to triage a few minutes later and thankfully my oxygen level was good this time.  They went ahead and did my EKG then and then sent me back to the waiting area…but with a mask since flu germs could be in the air:).

They finally called me back and again, put in an IV, drew blood, and gave me oxygen.  X-Ray came and got me for a chest x-ray.  When X-Ray brought me back to my room, Keith and E were in there.  It was a longer night this time though, I guess because they were so busy.  The doctor said they were waiting to hear back from my doctors office to see if they wanted to do another scan or admit me.  They finally came in and said they were going to do another scan.  So they prepped me for the scan – remember, benadryl….so I was sleepy from that point on.  After the scan, Keith and E went to the car so E could sleep…she was really tired.  They came back with the scan results and said they were calling my doctor to see if she wanted me admit me or let me go home. She let me go home!  The scan showed possibly a little improvement from Saturdays scan.

Thank you for all the text, calls and prayers during my two ER visits!

I think I have had my share of ER visits for a while!

Yesterday, we had a fun playdate at our house with one of my friends and her two kiddos who are friends with E.  She was out of the country during all my ER visits so we got to catch up on what had gone on during E’s Spring Break and their fun Spring Break!  The kids got to watch Ferdinand while we chatted.  They had all seen it at the movies but now it is on DVD so they all seemed excited to see it again!

We went out to dinner once Keith came home and then went and picked out an Easter dress for E.  This is a long recovery and I have to remind myself I had major surgery and I had more than one surgery!!!  My friends that have had a hysterectomy have told me don’t over do it…so I am trying my best to not do too much because I want my body to heal the way it needs to so that in another four weeks or so I will feel great!!

Hope you all have an AWESOME Saturday!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

This is the verse of the day that popped up on my phone this morning!



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