Surgery….and pathology results


Arm Pain
I was in PT for my arm from January up until my surgery.  We have the lymphedema issue under control, this is something else. When I saw my plastic surgeon after surgery he is sending me to an orthopedic doctor to have it looked at too, to see what else may be going on with it.  He knew, along with anyone else I had spoke with before surgery that my arm had to be positioned a certain way or it causes me a great deal of pain.  He had told me when they got me to the OR I should actually still be alert enough to be able to help them position it, I just would not know I was that alert.  I can only imagine what I said to them – but when he saw me, he said we need to have it looked at. 

Please pray that this arm pain goes away.  I have been praying God would just heal this arm and take the pain away.

My upcoming appointment is on the 27th.

March 2, 2018, two weeks ago today I had my second reconstruction surgery and a hysterectomy.

It is surreal to think to think I am coming to the end of this chapter.  It has been a little over 11 months since my diagnosis and what a ride it has been.

I had to be at the hospital at 5:15 that Friday morning and again I was thankful for my village.  I knew my friends, Joyce and Terry were thinking about coming over to help me out with getting E to school since I would have to leave my house so early that morning.  I received a text from Joyce around 4:18 Thursday afternoon telling me they were on their way!  E was sooooo excited that Terry was coming because he will sit and play cards with her and probably go by her rules some too:).  Joyce would be staying with me at the hospital so that Keith could be home with E Friday night.  Remember, through this whole journey I have wanted to keep as much normalcy as I possibly could for her.

We got all checked in Friday morning and they took me to my pre-op room to start getting me ready. I was excited to have the same pre-op nurse that I had for my port surgery and double mastectomy.  You may recall from this post that she too had breast cancer and has been so sweet to me and even came up to my room to see me after my double mastectomy. In the other post I mentioned she had the same surgical oncologist and when I went in for my double mastectomy, I found out she had the same plastic surgeon.

Something new since my last surgery, there was heated hospital gowns!  Yes, that was pretty cool (or should I say warm) since I am so cold natured.  The only thing is they are puffy the higher the heat.  I think you can also have them blow cool air in but I kept mine on warm.

First came in Dr. A, to put her markings on me for my hysterectomy.  Dr. K came in as she was finishing up to put his markings on me to finish up my reconstruction.  I was excited that Dr. G, my surgical oncologist even stopped by just to say hi!  I had seen her the Tuesday before my surgery and she told me she was going to stop by and see me.  I really am blessed with an awesome team of doctors that care. At some point in there the anesthesiologist came in as well.

Amy P came up to see me before surgery.  Dr. K’s surgical assistant came in to meet me.  We had spoke on the phone the night before but had never met.  Here is a picture of all of us.  I have covered her face just in case she would not want her picture posted.  This is just the only picture I have with Amy P and Keith before surgery.


The OR nurse that would be with me through both surgeries came in and talked to us and then everyone left the room and I just waited for her and the anesthesiologist to come back and then he gave me my margarita as they call it and they wheeled me off to the OR.

Waking up from the anesthesia was different this time than it had been in the past.  I did not feel good and I was nauseous.   I just wanted to cry.  My nurses gave me meds through my IV for the nauseousness and then I felt better…now it was just pain.  I have to remember though, it is just part of the journey and I had just had another major surgery!

I got up and moved I think about three times after I got back to my room and then later that night walked two laps around the hospital floor.


This time the pain was more in the abdomen.  When I had my double mastectomy, everything was numb because there were no nerves and for the hysterectomy they did not cut all the nerves in the abdomen so I felt pain.  The second morning, I texted some friends and told them that I should be bringing a baby home and have the flattest tummy too because I felt like I was having contractions and I also felt like I had done about a million crunches.  When I woke up Sunday, the pain was less, and has been each day since.  I have had several ER visits thrown in there for a different pain, I will do a separate post on that.

I remember when I could barely hold my eyes open in my room seeing 4 of my friends and them each telling me bye, except for Joyce, she was stuck there with me until I was released:).  They had come up to the hospital during the surgery.  Amy P must be taking this picture because I know she was there:).  Dena, Joyce, Amy Jane and Keith.

Someone remembered to get a picture as they were leaving!  You can tell, I was still a little out of it here!


Friday afternoon, Dr. A came by to see me and while she was there Dr. G (my surgical oncologist) came by again!!!  Y’all, do I not have the best doctors!  You know at my last stay I was all about getting pictures with everyone (and that is thanks to my cousin Kelly too) but this time I guess I was just not feeling well enough to think about it and cousin Kelly was not here to just snap pictures even when I would forget.

I had one of the same nurses Friday night that I had during my last stay and one if not two of the same assistants.  The staff on that particular floor of the hospital is AWESOME!

Saturday morning Dr. B, who was on call for Dr. A came by. I already knew he would be the doctor I would be seeing on Saturday.  Dr. B is great too.  I have known him for over 12 years.  He was with me the day our sweet Kate passed away and he was the one that had to tell me on Kate’s 3rd birthday that I was most likely going to have a miscarriage when I was pregnant with our second child.  I remember Dr. A and I talking about that later and her telling me he did remember what that date was that day in that ultrasound room.  She was out of town that day, I had been on the phone with her during all of that.  Those two doctors make an awesome team and both so caring.

Anyway, Dr. B came by, said everything looked good but I needed to have some blood work done and that I was actually admitted under Dr. K (remember, I had two surgeries done, so two different doctors).  He said they would get me out that day though:).  Later, Dr. K stopped by and said he would write the orders for me to be released upon Dr. B’s approval.  My blood work came back and Dr. B said I could go home!

Joyce and I got ready and they wheeled me to the car and off we were.

Joyce and Terry stayed with us Saturday night and then headed back home on Sunday morning.  It is always sad saying goodbye…but I told Joyce (if you remember she came after my double mastectomy back in October to help me) that she needs to come so we can go have fun when she is here…not just helping take care of me:).  Sadly, we almost forgot to even take this picture!  They had to come back inside after they had already walked out to leave to take it.  These two have played so many roles in my life over the years…our friendship began probably about 36 years ago when they were youth workers in my youth group.  Anyone that knows them will tell you they are some of the best role models a person could ever have in their life!

Two more surgeries or I guess you could say three surgeries behind me, because I had my port removed too! Let me just add here about the port. They had mentioned port removal at my first surgery but then we left it in in case we had issues getting good veins, etc and my surgical oncologist said Dr. K could take it out when he finished reconstruction.  Y’all, my port is gone…so to me, and no doctor has said this to me, this is totally me, but it kind of seems that if your oncologist says ok, we can take your port out, maybe they feel like that port is not going to be needed again.  That is just my two cents:).

And some good news…..Dr. A let me know when she received my pathology results from my hysterectomy and all were benign!!!  Praise the LORD!!

I pray that we never need another port. 

I pray that I never have cancer again.

I believe God has healed my body. 

Thank you for all your prayers and walking this journey with us,


Psalm 30:2 (ESV). O Lord my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me.







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