Thyroid Nodules, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, Biopsies, Results!


  • Upcoming Surgery
    reconstruction and hysterectomy
  • Arm Pain
    I have been in PT for my arm since January
    I saw my surgical oncologist and she said I will need to continue PT as soon as I can after surgery.
    Please pray for my range of motion and the nerve pain in my arm


A little more about this whole thyroid thing…..

Last April, when I had all my scans after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer they saw a nodule on my thyroid. At the time, we needed to deal with the breast cancer and my doctor said we would look more into the thyroid later.

Later finally came back in January. I had a CT scan in January and the thyroid nodule showed up again in that scan too.  After meeting with my oncologist it was decided I would get an appointment with an endocrinologist.

I was able to get with the endocrinologist on February 1st.  She told me we would do an ultrasound that day, and she might even be able to look at it from there and tell me all was ok.  We headed back to do the sonogram and I found out pretty quickly that it was not going to be so easy.  She told me that she was going to have to send me for a biopsy.

This time the biopsy did not happen as fast as it did when I had to have it after my mammogram and that sonogram.  I actually had to wait until February 13th to have the biopsy. When they did another ultrasound before the biopsy they told me there were actually two nodules and both needed to be biopsied.

I heard later that week that one of the nodules was benign and one was indeterminate.  Indeterminate means that they could not tell if it was benign or cancer.  They would have to do further genetic testing on it to see if they could determine if it was cancer. I thought the test results would come back in 7 – 10 days but when I called the endocrinologist office they said it could be 14-17 days!  I have told several friends, that I have not prayed for patience but one thing I have learned in the past almost 11 months is that sometimes we have to wait.  That makes me think of one of my favorite verses, Exodus 14:14, The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Sometimes being still is hard, but I think that is an area God has worked on me some during all of this.   If you have ever had to wait on test results though, you know the waiting is the hardest part sometimes.

It ended up not being as long as we thought because I received a call this Monday (Feb 26th) that the nodule that had to have further testing was BENIGN!!!

This was such a huge relief to know that neither of those nodules were cancerous.  They will continue to monitor the nodules but for now all is good!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and for continuing to walk this journey with us!

2Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God. Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.
Romans 5:2-4 (ESV)





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