The other side of the cancer journey…

Prayer Request

  • Waiting on thyroid biopsy results –
    one nodule came back benign – one nodule came back indeterminate.  We are waiting on additional results from the one that was indeterminate.
    PLEASE PRAY they can tell from the additional testing that it is benign
  • Upcoming Surgery
    reconstruction and hysterectomy
  • Arm Pain
    I have been in PT for my arm since January
    I talked to my surgical oncologist today about it and have a 3 month appoitment with her next week, so she is going to look at it then.


I started writing this post back in January after I went to a follow up appointment with my medical oncologist.

January 29th I had an appointment with my medial oncologist.  It had been about three months since I saw Dr. J.  I posted on my Facebook page while I was there that I would write a blog post about why I was crying happy tears that day.

First, as I was checking in another lady was checking in and that day was her first chemo treatment.  We walked back to the lab together and then she sat down next to me in the waiting area.  Y’all, this lady has a different type of cancer than I did and her prognosis was probably different than mine because of the type of cancer…but she had the best outlook and you know why, she told me, it is because of God.  She told me about her friends that are her support group.  I shared a couple of my favorite scriptures with her as she was called back to lab.

After my appointment that day I had my port flushed. I was excited to have my port flushed because I would get to see my favorite chemo nurses.  Once we were done I walked back up to the nurses desk and asked two of the sweet nurses if I could go tell that same lady bye as I was leaving.  I found her and she was sitting in her chair praying for another patient.  Y’all, I don’t think anyone ask for cancer, but God puts people in the right places at the right times.  I can only imagine the blessing that lady is going to be to fellow chemo patients as she gets her treatments.

After my first chemo treatment on April 18th I went in for fluids on April 24th.  That day I sat in a chair in the lab where I could see the other patients and reality hit me again that I really had cancer.  As I looked at the patients in there with scarves and hats on I realized that was going to be me within a few weeks. Here is the post I wrote almost 10 months.

January 29th,  as I mentioned above I went in for my appointment.  I had labs first before seeing my doctor.  When they called me in the lab they pointed to that same chair I had sat in on April 24th.  The difference was when I sat in that chair this time, tears, happy tears came to my eyes as I was looking around the room.  I told the lady about to take my blood I was not crying because she was about to stick me (although, even as many times as I have had to have blood drawn, or an IV started for surgeries or for scans, I still do not like needles) and she said ok, as long as it was not because of her.

I told her that I remembered sitting there months ago, before I lost my hair and looking around that room and the reality had hit once again that day as I thought about what I was going through as I looked at each of those other patients in that room.

I told her my tears were tears of joy.  I looked around that room and realized I had made it to the other side of my breast cancer journey.  I wanted to go to each of the patients in that room today and tell them, they can do this!!  As I was walking out of the room a lady stopped me and we started talking about hair.  She told me she had finished treatment recently and showed me her hair under her hat.  Y’all this made me so happy!  It made me happy that she pulled her hat back.  It made me happy that she was comfortable to talk about her hair.

My appointment with Dr. J was good. I found out I would be scheduling an appointment with an endocrinologist (a post about that will be coming soon).  I will see Dr. J again in May.

Thank you for walking this journey with us still,


1I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot be moved;
    he who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, he who keeps Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
    the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
    nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
    he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep
    your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth and forevermore.
Psalm 121




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