Words and A Challenge!

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.  Psalm 19:14 (ESV)

Words are so powerful.  The words we say and hear can even affect how our whole day goes sometimes!  I pray the scripture above often that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart are acceptable to God.


I have a friend, we grew up in the same church and she and her husband now pastor a church in Michigan.  She reached out to me recently and was telling me about a challenge that she had done with her team at church and now was going to do with their church and others.  The challenge is “The Complaining Challenge”. NO complaining, not criticizing and not arguing for a week!

The challenge starts tomorrow November 12th and goes through November 19th.

I was going to post about this earlier in the week and I have had a crazy week but I am going to link to Kim’s message from two weeks ago.  I hope you can take time to listen to it.

You can go here to listen to Kim’s message that will kick off The Complaining Challenge.  Y’all, the message was awesome!

Through my cancer journey, I do not think I have really complained much.  I have a post I am going to do on this soon, but as you all have heard me say, over and over, God walked with me and carried me through this journey 100%.  There is no way I could have walked through it like I did or am still doing without Him in control.

So even though I have not really complained about my cancer journey I KNOW there are things I complain about.  Just ask my husband or close friends…they would probably tell you they agree if they are being honest.

The challenge that The River Church is doing is for a week starts tomorrow!

I am going to participate, will you participate with me?  Think about it, a week of no complaining leading up to Thanksgiving.  A time when we should be thinking about what we are thankful for rather than complaining about other things.

I will say, I bet it is not going to always be easy but I bet it will be worth it.  Who will join me?

Also, here is the link to Kim’s blog where she talks even more about the challenge.

Leave a comment below if you will join me!




3 thoughts on “Words and A Challenge!

  1. Amanda,

    I am so excited that you are joining us in this challenge. We believe it is life changing! I look forward to hearing all the great stories you and your followers will have from this adventure! I’ll be praying for yall!

    Blessings ~ Kim


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