The Rest Of My Hospital Stay…..

I wrote yesterday about “Surgery Day”.  Surgery day was on Wednesday, October 11th.  I stayed in the hospital until Saturday, October 14th.

My doctor had told me I would go home Friday or possibly Saturday.  I was glad I ended up staying until Saturday even though I wanted to be home.

If you had been around me at all before I went in the hospital you heard me say that we would have a party in my room on Thursday.  I was just believing that I was going to feel that good and guess what, I did feel really good and had visitors through out the day.  The day went by quickly between the nurses coming in and friends coming by.

This  is Dr. G. Y’all she is the sweetest lady.  When Dr. A. sent me to her the day I was diagnosed I was nervous and scared and all I knew is I had cancer and I wanted to live to be here to raise E.  The minute she walked in the room, she was so calming.  She said she planned on me being around to see my grandchildren!  She explained everything that I would be going through and any time i see her she tells me to just call her if I have any questions.  I will be seeing her forever now.  I told her the other day I was ok with coming to see her every other week if they would let me:).  She said I will eventually get tired of coming in every three months.  This sweet lady has called me not once, but THREE times with good news that has brought me to tears I think each time, tears of joy!

My friend Stephanie came by Thursday to see me too!  Stephanie helps me so much with E.  She has a little girl E’s age (who is one of E’s best friends) and they love all the play dates that my cancer diagnosis has let them have!  This week since I have been home from the hospital, she has been picking E up and letting her play until late afternoon so I could sleep.

Months ago I had told Stephanie that I was going to make a cute little book with all the scriptures that I have used on my blog, on my FB page, etc and have them for anyone that wanted one that came in my hospital room.  Well, as we all know, life gets really busy.  Tuesday afternoon we were talking on the phone and I told her I went and bought candy to put in a basket for anyone that came in my room and wanted some.  She said I am dropping off scripture cards to you and anyone that wants a packet of scripture cards can take one.  Of course I told her no, she did not need to do that, and she said I will see you around 8:15.  Sure enough, she showed up with a basket full of scripture cards that she makes.  I think everyone liked them!  So anyone that came in my room, I had some of my favorite chocolates (peanut butter cups, peanut butter m&ms and Keith’s favorite, kit kats) and scripture cards for anyone to take.  Let me add, those are and were some my favorite chocolates I no longer eat chocolate or any candy.

Around lunch time, Missy came by to see me!  Missy and her husband Chad have been praying for us throughout this time. Missy and I have something in common that I’m sure neither of us wish we did.  We have both lost a child.  There sweet little boy had cancer and she will be sharing his story soon.  I am looking forward to hearing her speak.  I have already told some friends I may not be able to drive and need someone to pick me up but plan on being there that night!


Thursday afternoon Amy P came back by to see me (and bring me the clothes she had taken home to wash, you may remember me mentioning that in my previous post).  I really do not know what I would have done the past 6 and a half months without this friend.  She has been with me through so much!

Later that evening Ron and Delores stopped by.  Again, I can not say enough about all my sweet friends that have prayed for me, sat with me, and just been a listening ear for me.  I remember the day I was diagnosed, Delores called me that evening and asked if she could run by and pray for me that evening.  Of course I said YES, she came over, we talked, she prayed, I probably cried if I was not already cried out that day.

Gretchen and Laura also came by Thursday evening!  Y’all have met Gretchen in previous post.  Laura and I have been in a Bible Study group together for a long time.  She is a sweet friend also.

Keith brought E up to see me also.  Kelly took E to get  Chick Fil A for dinner. I think in this picture she is enjoying a chocolate chip cookie my friend Becca sent to the hospital.  While E was there she told us she had a sore throat, what???  Keith immediately left with her and took her to the after hours doctor.  She tested negative for strep that day but by Saturday she tested positive for strep.

At some point Thursday and Friday we got up and walked laps around the hospital floor!  The technician walking with me knew I walked up to 6.5 miles some days and she told me we were not going to walk that far:).  Thursday I think we made 2 laps and Friday I know we did 4 laps one time…I can’t remember if we did more another time that day or not..that is the day I slept a lot:).

Friday came and I thought I might get to go home but that didn’t work out as planned.  I was not feeling as great on Friday as I was on Thursday.  When Dr. K came by Friday evening he decided another night in the hospital may be what I need.  I did not complain at all.  I was thankful that I had the sweet nurses another night to help me figure out all the pains and drains and all that comes with a double mastectomy and by Saturday my fever was gone too that popped up on Friday.  Friday I slept a lot!  I think my cousin Kelly slept a lot that day too!  I had kept her up quite a bit I think Wednesday and Thursday.

Saturday morning Dr. K came by and said I could go home!  I had forgotten to get a picture with him on Thursday or Friday so here is one with him on Saturday morning!  I have to add, when I was first diagnosed Dr. A (that you all know I just love) told me the surgical oncologist to call.  The surgical oncologist told me who my medical oncologist would be.  I LOVE both of those doctors.  When it came time for me to go to the plastic surgeon, there were THREE that my surgical oncologist use.  I ended up having appointments with two different ones.  After meeting with the first one, I was just not 100% comfortable and totally confused about the whole plastic surgery part of this.  I then met with Dr. K, I knew then he was so much easier to talk to and was just such a nice guy.  I still had to make the decision though and was making it harder on myself than I should have.  The moment I made the call and told Dr. K’s office he was the one I wanted to do my plastic surgery, it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Just like I have said my OB/GYN is awesome and both of my oncologists are awesome, well my plastic surgeon is awesome too!

Here we are Saturday morning after he told me I could go home and I said we have to get a picture:).

Kelly loaded up her van and the nurses got me in a wheel chair and we busted out of the hospital!

I can’t believe that this closed another chapter of my journey.  The first surgery was done and successful.

Thank you for walking this journey with us,


Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.


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