It has been 6 months…


  • That the results from the lymph node biopsy come back showing no signs of cancer anywhere!
  • That this UGLY tumor is completely gone when we go in for surgery next week and there is no other cancer anywhere in my body!
  • That I stay healthy over the next week so that surgery goes as scheduled!
  • That ALL pathology from the lymph nodes and the next surgery come back showing I am cancer free!!
  • That I do not have any side effects from the anesthesia after my surgery!

Today, October 5, 2017, marks 6 months since my cancer diagnosis! 

So much has happened in those 6 months.

April 3rd – Mammogram
April 5th – Received the phone call that I did have breast cancer
April 5th – Met with my surgical oncologist
April 6th – Met with my medical oncologist and had genetic testing done
April 7th – Went in for my scans
April 12th – Picked out my wig
April 13th – Went for my Chemo Tour
April 17th – Had my Port put in
April 18th – My first chemo treatment
April 24th – Fluids – I received these after the A/C chemo treatments and oh did they help me feel better.
April 25th – A trip to the ER – everything ended up being OK though!  Thank the Lord!!
May 2nd – A/C chemo treatment #2 and after chemo Amy P and I went and had my head shaved and I left the boutique with my wig and my first scarf.
May 5th  – Fluids
May 16th – A/C chemo treatment #3
May 19th – Fluids
May 26th ( I think it was) Sonogram appointment and we found out the tumor was shrinking!!

May 30th – A/C chemo treatment #4 – last A/C chemo treatment – I had never been so excited about not having to eat ice again!
June 2nd – Fluids and appointment with the surgical oncologist
June 13th – Taxol treatment #1 – Chemo treatment #5
June 20 – Taxol treatment #2 – Chemo treatment #6
June 27 – Taxol treatment #3 – Chemo treatment #7
July 3rd – Taxol Treatment #4 – Chemo treatment #8
July 11th – Taxol treatment #5 – Chemo treatment #9
July 18th – Taxol treatment #6 – Chemo treatment #10
July 25th – Taxol treatment #7 – Chemo treatment #11
August 1 – Taxol treatment #8 – Chemo treatment #12
August 8th – Taxol treatment #9 – Chemo treatment #13
August 10th – Echocardiagram
August 15th – I skipped this week because we were on vacation
August 22nd – Taxol treatment # 10 – Chemo treatment #14
August 29th –  Taxol treatment number #11 – Chemo treatment #15
September 5th – Taxol treatment #12 – Chemo treatment #16 – My Last Chemo Treatment!
September 11th – Doctor Appointment
September 19th – Appointment with my PA
October 1 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins and my friends through me a party –
Chemo is over and surgeries were about to begin!!
October 3rd – Appointment for a shot for the Lymph node biopsy on the 4th
October 4th – Lymph node biopsy (removed 4 lymph nodes)
October 5th – 6 months since diagnosis

There were also three appointments with plastic surgeons during this time and visits with the nutritionist during this time too.   I also would meet with the medical oncologist or PA during some of the chemo treatments and would see the medical oncologist when I would go in for fluids.  With my chemo brain I may have missed something too!  As you can see the past 6 months has been a little busy!!

When I was diagnosed, one of my main goals as far as at home, was to keep life as normal as possible, especially for E.  I think we have done “OK” at that.  I would not say perfect but we have tried to keep it normal for E.  I am so thankful for all our friends that helped with that too and the play dates she has when I am at appointments.

On October 3rd, I went in for a shot that I was so nervous about getting. Those of you on FB probably saw my prayer request that day for that shot not to be too painful!   I do not like shots and I do not like needles.  I have to say it did not hurt nearly as bad as I was thinking it would. Thank you for all the prayers!!

Earlier that day, my friend Stephanie had ask if she and her girls could drop by later that evening – they came over, in the rain I might add and came in and sat down and she told me they had come to pray for me!  I love it when my friends drop by just to pray for me! Thank you Stephanie!   I am so thankful for everyone’s prayers!  They mean so much to me!

Yesterday, October 4th,  I went in for my lymph node biopsy where they removed four lymph nodes for testing.  I will receive those results probably early next week before my big surgery.  Please pray that those come back showing no cancer in my lymph nodes and that the cancer never even entered the lymph nodes.  I did have a little pain after the procedure but it seems like the pain medicine they gave me kicked in and after I had been home for a while it eased up!

I was a little nervous about getting the IV.  Chemo does a work on your veins.  Each chemo treatment I would have to get my blood drawn and at the lab at the cancer center they would use a butterfly needle.  I asked the nurse today and she said she was using a small needle and would numb it first.  Y’all I did not feel hardly anything!  I did not really even feel the lidocaine going in to numb it!  I had a great nurse today!  This picture is before they put the IV in.

After my surgery yesterday – I can not do housework, raise my hand above my head, lift over 10 pounds, and I need to look at my list to see what else, remember, I have chemo brain…anyway leading up to this for about the past month, I have been in “nesting mode”.  I was even cleaning the morning of my appointment.  Anyway, with my upcoming surgery next week that means I will have restrictions for the next month or so I am guessing or as long as it takes to get the movement I need back in my arms.

I was awake most of the night.  I do not know why.  I have no idea if there were steroids included in anything yesterday but it did remind me of the nights when the steroids from chemo would kick in and I could not sleep.

Gretchen and Delores drove me down to the biopsy and Keith met up with us there before they wheeled me back for the surgery. So thankful for all my friends that drive me to and from appointments when I can’t drive.


Amy Jane came over last night visit while Keith took E and her little boy, H to church.  We were talking about how we can’t believe that it has been 6 months.  April 5th was on a Wednesday and she and I sat on a couch that evening at our church while the kids were in class and talked about all that had happened that day.  Sometimes that seems just like yesterday.  September and October seemed so far away on that April evening. Now here we are and surgeries have started.  Amy Jane and I didn’t get a picture while she was here but I will post one of her when she comes to hang out at the hospital after my big surgery:). Amy Jane, please help me remember to take that picture at the hospital:).

Don’t forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Please, get a mammogram if you are due for one or past due for one.  I know I may sound like a broken record, but my cancer was found through a mammogram.  I recently read that 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was always a little nervous going to my yearly mammogram thinking what if they find something.  It is better for it to be detected early rather than later.  So ladies, get that mammogram on the calendar!

Thank you so much for walking this journey with us!


Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7






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