Three Months! July 5, 2017

  • That this UGLY tumor is shrinking away and will be gone by surgery and there is no other cancer in my body
  • That I stay healthy, that my counts stay where they need to be so that my chemo stays on schedule
  • That this new chemo works and continues killing the cancer cells
  • Some of the possible side effects from this new chemo include neuropathy.  Please pray that I do not experience any neuropathy.
  • Another one of the side effects is body pain.  Please pray that the body pain is at a minimal. 
  • Pray for no mouth sores – another chemo side effect – I think I now have a mouth sore so please pray it goes away quickly
  • Echocardiagram coming up in August – please pray all is good

Three months ago today I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So much has happened in the past three months.

Ladies, do not forget to have your yearly mammogram!!  Remember, my cancer was found through a mammogram!

Sorry for not posting any updates on here lately.  The last time I posted I was getting ready to head to round 2 of Taxol.  So far the Taxol has not been too bad, but I am comparing it to the AC.

With the AC it took me almost a week to feel like a person again but on the Taxol I am able to actually drive the day after treatment!  I have had some mild side effects but am able to get more things done than I was able to do during the AC treatments.

Round 2 of Taxol – Amy P took me to chemo that day.  We did my hands a little different.  We used mitts that had been in the freezer rather than a tub of ice.

Amy P and I – Round 2 of Taxol

Dr. A came to visit for a while too.

Dr. A and I

Weekly chemo comes so quickly.  Before I knew it, it was time for round 3 of Taxol.  Amy P took me to chemo again.

A picture of the mitts I wear to keep my fingers cold to help prevent neuropathy.

Hands in mitts and feet all iced down!

My friend Delores took me to round 4 of Taxol.  Amy P gave her and my friend Kathy (she will be taking me this month also) all the info they would need to help me at chemo since she is going  to miss a few weeks.

Week 3, my counts were down a little so I asked for prayer that my counts would be up and I would not have to miss treatment.  I was so excited to hear my counts were up from the prior week and I was able to get my treatment and stay on schedule.  Thank you to all who were praying for higher counts!  Prayers are working!!!

One of the prayer request I had in the past was for a rash on my arms.  The rash is much better!  Thank you for praying for that also!

I have 8 more treatments and then surgery.  I can’t believe that I have 8 treatments behind me already.

Thank you all for all the prayers!  I am walking this journey with a peace that only God can give to me.  I am believing that I am going to be healed!  God is in control.  We may not know why I am walking this journey but we do know God is walking this journey with me!  I am so thankful for the scriptures He gives me right when I need it, for the people he uses to walk beside me, and for all the many prayer warriors praying for me on a regular basis!

Thank you all for walking this journey with us,

  I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.  Psalm 34:4



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