Chemo Week Update by Amy


  • That the chemo side effects subside
  • That the sonogram scheduled for Monday, May 22, shows that the tumor is MUCH, MUCH smaller, or even gone

Amanda is not feeling up to blogging yet, as this third round of chemo has been much more difficult on her than the first two rounds.  I just wanted to let you all know how she is doing and ask you to start praying for Monday.

With the other rounds of chemo, Amanda hasn’t started feeling really yucky until Wednesday night, with Thursday being the worst day.  This time, she actually started feeling bad on Tuesday, the day of chemo, and that feeling has continued throughout Wednesday and Thursday.  Please pray that she starts to feel better soon.  Thankfully there is only 1 round of this type of chemo left before the “easier” weekly chemo starts.

The biggest prayer request she has is for the sonogram scheduled on Monday, May 22nd. Please pray that the sonogram indicates that the tumor has been responding well to all of this chemo, and that there is obvious shrinkage…even pray so boldly that it has shrunk all the way to NOTHING!!!

Amanda continues to appreciate all of your calls, texts, comments, meals, and prayers!

~ Amy Jane



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