Day 28 – May 2, 2017

IT’S CHEMO WEEK!  Chemo week brings all kinds of changes and maybe even a range of emotions.  I finished my second round of chemo on Tuesday.  Two down – fourteen to go! As always, keep praying that this ugly tumor is SHRINKING!

My friend Amy P was my mama sitter yesterday, and did she have a full day!!!  She picked me up at 7:30am, and off to chemo we went.  My first appointment for labs was at 9 o’clock.  Then I met with the PA at 9:30am.  That was a good appointment, and I found out that my counts were back up.  YAY! While I was meeting with the PA, Amy P was off to Sonic to get my ice chips to eat during the “Red Devil.”  I’m praying that all of the precautionary steps we are taking will help prevent mouth sores.

Around 10 o’clock, we headed to the infusion lab.  They started with all of the premeds, and then the chemo started.  I was actually done around 12:30pm this time.


Me with Amy P – Round 2  is complete!

The day had finally come to shave my head.  I had decided I was going to be proactive.  When my hair started coming out, I was going to shave it.  Saturday, I could tell it was starting.  Then Sunday and Monday, more and more hair was coming out.  I definitely knew it was time.

I am sure losing your hair and shaving your head can be quite emotional for some people.  For me, it was not that emotional.  I knew it was something that had to be done.  The meds that are causing this are the same meds being used to get me one step closer to saying this ugly tumor is gone!  I know this mindset is not from me, but is the mindset of peace that God is providing me through this journey.

amy p and me after shave

After Shave Selfie!

When my hair comes back, I along with quite a few of my friends are excited to see how it comes back.  As a child, I always wanted curly hair.   Now, I really don’t care – curly or straight – but I wonder if this time next year I may be wondering what to do with curls!!  The big question is, though…what color will it be? 🙂

The wig I had decided on was backordered through June.  Instead, they ordered a different wig in my color, and they ended up cutting and styling it to match my normal hair.  They even laid a swatch of my hair on the wig, and we were amazed to see that it matched perfectly!

New Wig

New wig

Heading into the summer, there may be days when I’m not “feeling it” with the wig, or I need to make a quick run to the grocery store.  I was excited about finding some other options.  I can tell I am going to love this scarf.  I think it is so cute!  What do you think?

E has been handling this very well. She has been anxiously waiting for Mama to get the wig. I think she thinks this wig will be hers to play with, once this is all over!  She does know not to even touch the wig for now, but one day…

E & Me

I had a good Tuesday evening.  I took my meds and got some rest.  I am thankful that even though this was a chemo day, we made it through the day with a whole lot of laughter and no tears over chemo or the shave!

Thank you for walking this journey with us,

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13 


6 thoughts on “Day 28 – May 2, 2017

  1. Amanda, you look beautiful and I love the wig. Glad you are feeling better this week. You are in our prayers.


  2. Amanda, thank you for sharing so boldly and bravely every step of the way! You are already such an inspiration and I know God will use your story to reach so many in days to come. So glad Amy got to go with you and your wig and scarf are fantastic!!
    Prayers & hugs,


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