Day 22 – April 26, 2017

Thank you for your prayers!  I did not have any chest pain or back pain on Wednesday!!


  • That this ugly cancer is SHRINKING
  • My counts come up – they were low at my appointment Monday and were low at the hospital Tuesday
  • That any infections go away – I  am on an antibiotic right now
  • That I stay well so my chemo stays on schedule

Steroids and storms!  A combination of the two can cause you not to get much sleep. Monday, when I went to my appointment and got fluids, they also gave me steroids.  I guess it hit me Tuesday, and I was up until 2:00am!  I then woke up to the storm that came through.  Keith later told me that the storm was actually around 6:00am, but I guess if you had only been asleep about four hours, it did seem like the middle of the night still. As of this morning (Thursday) it seemed those steroids were still messing with my sleep…I woke up before 5:00am but was so tired…I laid in bed just trying to go back to sleep, I think I drifted off a little.

Even though I didn’t get a ton of sleep Tuesday night, I still had a great day on Wednesday!   I was able to work some and then went to church. I did get really fatigued around 2:00pm.  I am not sure if that was chemo related or the fact I did not get a lot of sleep the night before.  I was actually going to skip church.   Because my counts are low, I thought it probably was best to stay away from big groups of people.  Keith had a meeting that was going to go after E’s class ended, so I went to be there when she got out of her class.  My class was not meeting, so Amy L. and I sat and chatted. It was good seeing people tonight, but I said no to hugs, just trying to keep any germs at bay and stay well.

I may have mentioned before that I would be sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of my journey and keep it real.  Because I  had a quiet and uneventful day yesterday, PRAISE THE LORD!!!,  I thought I would share a little about my medical oncologist today.

I wish I had taken a picture with her on Monday. I will try to remember to get a picture with her next time I see her.  Dr. J is great!  She is the sweetest lady.  She has been both very positive and very encouraging. I probably have said before, and if you know me you know, I can worry too much.  She has really helped me calm down and take deep breaths.

I initially met her on the second day of my diagnosis. I do believe God already had my medical team lined up.  I mean, really, I have a team of doctors that are just what my personality needs, they have the same bedside manner as Dr. A.  I was in the surgical oncologist’s office (Dr. G) within 2.5 hours of my diagnosis and in the medical oncologist’s office (Dr. J) within about 24 hours of my diagnosis. I was having my scans two days after my diagnosis.  Thankfully, we live where we do and are not too far from some of the best hospitals and doctors.

Meeting Dr. J was just like the day before when I met with Dr. G.  We started talking and it was not like we were just meeting for the first time. Obviously, we had a lot to talk about, and I was a MESS!  She was very calming.  She is super easy to talk to and ask questions to.  She told me she is going to be honest with me, and she does not hide anything. I like that because I am a super detailed person.  I want to know the details.  I am a CPA; I analyze things too much probably.  That is part of my personality, part of my job, a part of me.  That being said, you can tell I probably ask lots and lots and lots of questions.  I am thankful that the doctor I was sent to seems not to mind and graciously answers all of my questions.

This past week I saw her at my appointment.  As I mentioned in a recent post, I have been scared to eat because I thought I would eat the wrong thing.  She and I talked about that on Monday too.  She also went through some of the good things to eat.  Now, I am probably going to be texting my nutritionist friend or asking the doctor when I see her about certain foods I may not be sure of, but at least I am not so scared to eat now!  I am hoping with this round of chemo I will eat more – and maybe that will help with the fatigue and weakness I was still feeling a little over the weekend. All that to say, I really have had an appetite today, which is a good thing compared to last week. Someone asked me recently if there were things I would do differently after the first round of chemo.  The two things I think is try to drink more water when I am awake – although I did not really want to drink lots of water – and try to eat. I just think maybe those two things will help me not feel as weak maybe.

I still have so many questions though.  As I was talking with Amy L., while we were waiting for the kids to get out of class, I was telling her how I am now questioning things we use everyday.  I need to get my list ready for my next appointment.  My appointments can feel like information overload sometimes because there is so much to take in, so a list is very important.  I did not have my list with me Monday, so I ended up forgetting to ask some of the things I wanted to.

Thank you for walking this journey with us,

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.  Exodus 14:14


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