Day 13 – April 17, 2017


  • Tomorrow (April 18, 2017) is my first chemo treatment.  Please pray for minimal side effects.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRAY that during the first month we see the shrinkage the doctors are wanting to see.  I learned today that we want shrinkage in the first month.  Honestly, I would love to be told after the first round that there was great shrinkage…and you know what, we serve a God that is in the healing business! Maybe I will get good news after the first round…please, please keep praying.
  • Also, pray that all my levels stay where they are supposed to be after this chemo treatment so that when I go to my follow up with my doctor next week, we can keep my chemo on schedule.

Today was port day!  I was up early and off to the hospital.  My friend, Susan C, drove me to the hospital. Keith got E off to school and worked for a while. He and Susan were waiting for me when I got back from recovery.

The morning started off with us checking in and having some of the sweetest nurses get me ready, start an IV and ask all the questions that had to be asked.

If you have read the previous posts, you will remember how on scan day, the guy that started my IV told me his wife had used the same surgical oncologist.  Well, guess what!  The nurse today also had breast cancer, and she had used the same surgical oncologist. It does not stop there.  A hospital volunteer came in my room, and she was the nicest lady.  She came in and told me she was a breast cancer survivor and asked if I have any questions for her. She did have different doctors but spoke highly of my doctor too.  We talked about hair, chemo, and eating.  We could have probably talked longer, but they were ready to get the meds started to take me back.  I love how God is putting people in front of me at these appointments that are breast cancer survivors (or their wives are).

My awesome OB/GYN (I call her my everything doctor) stopped by and saw me.  I am so blessed to have her as my doctor…like I have mentioned before, she has walked a tough road with me in the past and is walking this one with me now.

We are are so thankful for all the prayers. I’ve said it before but will probably say it a million times, PRAYER WORKS, people, PRAYER WORKS.

By nature, I am a worrier…I tell people they do not need to worry about things, just call me and I will worry for them.  That being said, you can probably imagine the worry from a cancer diagnosis.  I have definitely shed some tears, don’t get me wrong, lots of tears, especially those first two days, but I have also been able to function and live life as normally as possible for my daughter. The doctors think we can kick this cancer, and I am believing that God is going to heal me. He can use the chemo treatments to heal my body, or He can take the tumor away. Either way, I am praying for complete healing in my body and that I am going to get to say that I am cancer free, and would love for you to join me in that prayer for healing.

If you know me, you know it is hard for me to let people help me because I like to help others… but it has truly been a blessing.  Thank you, Amy, for setting up the meal calendar and making sure that I did not have to worry about that.  Thank you friends for filling that meal calendar.  It made me cry the first time I saw people signing up.  Thank you for all the meals that have already been brought over and for all the meals to come.

I read all the texts, Facebook posts and messages, emails, and as of today the comments on the blog!  I may not be able to return them all timely but know they are all being read. They all encourage me and remind me of all the people praying for me and supporting me during this time.  As one friend has posted “this army is ready to fight with you”.  I love knowing I have an army fighting with me and praying with me and for me as we start a journey that we did not plan to embark on.

Thank you for walking this journey with us,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

14 thoughts on “Day 13 – April 17, 2017

  1. Love hearing how God is placing special people in your life at just the right time. He’s definitely preparing the path for you all the way!!! Love you and am continuing to pray for you all💕


  2. You ended with one of my favorite scripture verses. Lots of prayers for tomorrow’s first treatment. Be still and know that He is God and is in control.


  3. Amanda, I’ve been thinking about you and worried for you ever since I read your very first post about your diagnosis. You are an inspiration to so many, with your optimism , bravery and genuine beautiful heart. Please know you have a HUGE team cheering you on and praying for you.

    You got this!


  4. Love you girl, you ARE a fighter and God has given you great strength and perseverance!! Praying you through day by day!!! God’s got this!!!


  5. Sweet friend! This blog is wonderful and amazing and incredible….just like you!!!!!!

    YOU ARE A FIGHTER and you TOTALLY have this.

    Kick cancer to the curb. 🙂

    PS Thank you for sharing what to pray for!


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