Day 2 – April 6, 2017

Today I met with the medical oncologist and went for genetic counseling.

The surgical oncologist had suggested chemo and then surgery.  The medical oncologist confirmed that is the treatment she would choose as well.  I never knew there were so many types of oncologists.

I really liked the medical oncologist also.  She was very kind and reassuring just like the surgical oncologist was.  She talked about the type of chemo I would be taking.  My first round will be every other week for two months.  Once I have finished that, I will be on a different chemo weekly for twelve weeks.  Once I have completed my 5 months of chemo, my surgeries will begin.

After meeting with the medical oncologist I went and met with the genetic counselor and had my genetic testing done.

By this time, I was pretty much exhausted.  I was very thankful that they were able to get all my appointments in so quickly, but between still wrapping my head around everything going on and going to all the appointments, it was exhausting!

As of this day, E still did not know what all was going on.





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