Day 11 – April 15, 2017


Sadie Christmas

Our sweet, sweet Sadie went to doggie heaven today.  She was an awesome addition to our little family and will be missed more than words can say.  I might add, the timing stinks!  We got Sadie in 2006 at the recommendation of my therapist that maybe a dog would help me have something to take care of and keep me busy after Kate’s passing…and did she ever keep us busy! She was with me through lots of tears and then through lots of laughter too…I will never forget her surprise the first time she heard E cry….she would hang out with me while I worked in my office either in her big green chair or almost right up against my chair.  Back when Keith worked from home a good bit, she would hang out with him….our office was one of her favorite rooms I think. She would rarely let Keith leave the house without her morning walk, and no matter what time he would get home in the evening, she was ready for her evening walk.  I really wanted her with us through this next journey to hang out with me and nap with me and just be there like she’s always been.  I’m so thankful we had another month with her when they were not sure she even had a week about a month ago. Sadie you were definitely loved and will be missed so very much.




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